Local Multiplayer update released!!

WE FINALLY DID IT!!!!  We’re happy to announce that local multiplayer is now in Batter Up! VR

Check out the trailer below


We recieved overwhelming feedback about a month ago when we released about adding multiplayer to Batter Up VR. So here we are finally releasing a local multiplayer mode for everyone!! The multiplayer mode allows for 1-4 players to join in using a controller or a keyboard to assist the VR player in baking cakes for their customers.

– 16 levels of increasing baking madness
– The minions will toss the VR player uncooked cakes, slam them into the oven to cook them quick
– A frosting bag that is powered through wireless technology, coordinate with the minions to remotely frost cakes
– Sprinkle delicious toppings onto cakes, but don’t forget to give the minions an icing up and have them fill it with your desired flavour, so you can slam it onto a freshly cooked cake

Enhanced difficulty mode for expert bakers!

– The VR player can pump out donuts to feed the minions so they don’t get lethargic and slow. Be careful though, if they’re fed too much they’ll get hyper and have a hard time controlling themselves.
– Be quick or be rotten, uncooked cakes and ingredients left out too long will go toxic, and who want’s a moldy green cake?



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