YouTuber’s – Are they worth giving keys to?

We discussed a little in our last post about what to look out for when YouTuber’s request keys. Today we’re going to talk about the conversion rate of YouTube videos to sales.

So far we haven’t really seen any influx of sales around the posting of any of the reviews / let’s plays since launch. There has been a pretty equal amount of sales each day though (which could be due to the extra exposure from YouTube videos)

Except for today, we only saw a single sale. The weirdest part about only getting a single sale today is that the following video was posted yesterday, and already has 472k views and 1,197 comments.

We can see in our data that only 1 person from Thailand purchased our game (where the creator of the video is from). This definitely helps us understand what the conversion rate of YouTube views to Sales are. They aren’t necessarily 0, but what you should keep in mind is the audience watching the video. Maybe they’re all children who don’t own a VR headset. Maybe they’re adults who don’t have time to play with their headset anymore and live vicariously through these kinds of videos. Or maybe the country that the video was made in doesn’t have access or the funds for VR headsets. If the video is a Let’s Play, maybe the viewers got all they needed from just watching. On the other hand, if the YouTuber is someone who does reviews, I assume they might have a higher conversion rate.

What these videos DO provide though is exposure. This particular YouTuber didn’t even ask us for a key, she actually bought the game. So when asking the question “is it worth giving YouTuber’s your keys”, you might want to ask instead

“is 1 key (the price of the game) worth X amount of exposure ( X = the average amount of views on that channels videos)”

Exposure and marketing aside, one really cool thing about giving away keys though is seeing more videos of people playing your game. It’s a really cool feeling watching others play and enjoy your game. It also can provide you with feedback you haven’t seen before which in itself is really valuable.


One thought on “YouTuber’s – Are they worth giving keys to?

  1. whether or not it leads to sale conversion. the game is definitely bringing/spreading joy to people. that in itself is impressive and hopefully boosts opportunities in the future.

    also maybe 6 months or 12 months from now, you can lower the game price or eventually have it included in bundles here and there. i think batter up! might become one of those classics that people who play VR in the future will want to check out. very optimistic thinking but it’s possible


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