Your Steam keys and reviews


A couple days before launch, we decided to do some research about the problem around giving away keys to your game. We had heard about scams going around where people would request keys saying they’re going to review your game, and then ask for extra keys so they could do a giveaway, and then end up selling them instead of using them.

The shortlist of tips we learned were as follows

  • If they request more than 1 key, it’s likely a scam
  • If they say they have 1 million subscribers, but don’t link their streaming site (YouTube, Twitch, w/e) then it’s likely a scam
  • If they say they have a ton of subscribers and DO link their site, make sure you actually look at their profile. If they have 100k subscribers but ~25 views on their videos, it’s likely a scam

You’re probably seeing a pattern here….You really have to do your research to find out if they are legit or not. There’s a really good article on Gamasutra about the importance of protecting your keys.

We’re not saying that 100% of the time the things above = scam… we just want you to be aware that there is an issue, it affects both sides, and everyone should be careful.

One valuable tip we learned is that if they reach out to you on one platform, you should ping them back on a different platform they’re active on so you can ensure someones not impersonating them.


Pre Launch

Funny enough, a couple days after we launched our trailer for Batter Up! VR (a week before launch) we did have someone ping both of us developers separately on Facebook. After everything we read it sounded scammy, they asked for multiple keys as well as to do an interview with us. It was the first time someone reached out to us. We ended up sending them 3 keys (1 for review, 2 for giveaway) and they ended up being legit (We were really really lucky)

Not only were they legit, they wanted to do a pre-release review. Thanks to them reaching out to us, they actually ended up giving us a TON of feedback/bugs that we ended up getting into the build before we launched (Thanks Helixx VR!!! You can find them on Facebook YouTube and Twitter)


The first 4 days after launch

Right now it’s only been about 4 days since the launch of Batter Up! VR. As of right now we have had about a dozen or so people email / tweet us about doing reviews for our game as long as we give them a key or two. A lot of them seem like spam… There was one YouTuber in particular that reached out to us on our wordpress contact form and we thought it was a scam for sure. Luckily a day later he tweeted us (which for some reason just seems more legit..not sure why…) so we gave him a key (After doing our research, watching some videos of him, and seeing that he has 1 Million subscribers. His video isn’t out yet, but he does have a key of ours so we’re crossing our fingers!)

Currently there’s 3 review / let’s play videos out for Batter Up! VR. It has been an amazing experience watching other people play our game, laugh at it, and look like they’re having fun. It’s hard to know what’s their persona and what’s their actual opinion / feelings. But it’s nice to imagine they’re actually enjoying it.




What happens next?

So far we haven’t put any of our time into going out and finding streamers to play our game. After doing a ton of AMA’s on Reddit (r/vive r/vancouver r/AMA r/VRGaming) we have got a ton of feedback about needing multiplayer, so currently that’s 100% where our focus is going. No promises yet, but we’re prototyping some local multiplayer. Maybe after we’re done Multiplayer, we’ll need to spend time reaching out to streamers to play our game to make it relevant again.


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