Designing for everyone

When making games people often forget there’s a ton of different languages that you should support (EFIGS – English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish used to be the norm, but it’s expanded much larger than that nowadays) The more languages you support, the larger the audience is that can experience your game. We don’t have a localization team so we have to do our best with using clear and easy to understand iconography to compensate.

Main Menu basic implementation

Using the main menu above would mean that anyone that doesn’t speak English can’t even get into gameplay without trying every option, and probably accidentally exiting the game… To remedy this we added simple icons to guide the player to at least know which one that play button is.


Now any player can easily understand which one is the play button. Everything looks pretty plain though… So we ended up adding some colour to it as well. Colour can also be used as a tool to help clarify designs.


This simple concept should be applied to as much as possible to ensure as many players as possible can enjoy baking cakes in VR!

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