In Batter Up, the object of the game is to bake cakes for your customers as fast as you can so you can earn more money and tips in order to upgrade your bakery and the tools that you use.

The bakery resides in a town full of donut people. They’re a nice people, calm, sweet, and hungry for cake. Some might see this as cannibalism, maybe it is, or maybe it’s just a nasty sweet tooth. Either way, they’re paying you to bake them cakes, so cakes we shall bake.

So, this customer walks in and is like “HEY, MY SWEET TOOTH IS KILLIN’ ME RIGHT NOW, I NEED A CAKE STAT!”

If you take a long time to bake the customers cake, the order board begins to fill up. While the customer is waiting, the tip (the stack of cash on the orderboard) begins slowly decreasing. After the customer has waited for too long, the tip eventually dissapears and the price of the cake begins to slowly decrease.

Customers patiently waiting for their cakes

Be sure you make as many cakes as fast as possible so you’re able to maximize your profits and buy upgrades to tools or buy some decorations for your bakery. Buying tool upgrades allows you to bake cakes faster, while buying decorations will increase the uniqueness of the cakes customers order. The more unique they are, the more the customer is willing to pay for it.

Chocolate fountain decoration on the left | donut machine decoration on the right


Some bugs along the way…

Donut Swagger

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