The Flamethrower

While designing the progression system, we had to think about how exactly we were going to make each level of an item upgrade feel. There had to be more than just a visual upgrade. Each upgrade should feel more efficient, more fun, as well as look prettier.

This is where the flamethrower comes in. The flamethrower is one of the upgrade levels of the oven. We thought it should feel more efficient than taking the time to put the batter into the oven. It should feel a lot more fun considering guns feel pretty awesome in VR. Last but not least, it should look badass cause it’s a freaking flamethrower.

First drawing of the flamethrower

I find it handy sometimes to draw what I want to model before I 3D model it. Whenever I’m creating an art asset, I NEED to look at references. It helps with visualizing what I want the final version of my model to look like. It also helps me find ideas that I really like and want to include in my model.

First 3D model of the flamethrower
Flamethrower on the counter in game (seeing how it scales compared to the rest of the objects in the scene)
Flamethrower in the upgrade menu with the flame particle effect

So this version of the flamethrower made it all the way into game before I realized one major flaw….If the player uses the trigger button to pick up the object, and they’re holding that trigger button to keep that object in their hand…How are they going to “shoot” the gun… Both of us HATE when VR games use the Vive’s grip buttons to pick up items, so it was back to the drawing board to design a better functioning flamethrower.

Flamethrower V2 model

The solution was easy, I just needed to add a push button on the flamethrower (and any other gun type object we design) to replace the pulling of a trigger. It was a really silly oversight.. But sometimes I guess I imagine so hard in the back of my head exactly how something will/should look that I forget to question how it’s going to work exactly.

Flamethrower V2 model in game with some materials slapped on

So this is what the flamethrower looks like today so far. The texture/materials aren’t final at all. Nothing is ever really final until we ship.. This design should hopefully feel intuitive enough to the player that they press on the pad on the Vive controller instead of pulling the trigger in order to shoot. But that’s something we should be able to figure out with some quick play testing.



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