Core gameplay mechanics working for the first time

Below are some gifs of our core gameplay mechanics working for the first time. Since these are the first times a lot of them have evolved since they were taken. What I find interesting about mechanics working the for the first time is that something may work exactly how it’s supposed to technically, but you can tell that it doesn’t feel at all how you thought it would.

Something as simple as putting cake batter into a pan and moving that pan has a lot of moving parts and mechanics that you need to tweak in order to feel just right. Everything also has to fit well with each other too. You should be able to establish a flow that feels good to the player. That’s just a couple of mechanics though, we’ve got a whole game to build..

dispensingThe dispenser is what we use to dispenser both batter and icing for the player. In this gif the player has chosen to dispense some chocolate batter into the cake pan. We initially had the cake batter not parented to the cake pan like it is in the gif. This caused the player to have to slowly balance it as they were carrying it into the oven. We found this to be really annoying as the physics didn’t work how they would in real life. It felt annoying and frustrating when the batter would fall out. Also batter usually isn’t a solid enough object to just fall out without being poured out..



The oven is what is used to bake the cakes, obviously. There’s a single button that open/close the oven door. The oven would turn on automatically as soon as the oven door shut. If the player left the cake in too long, it would burn and become unusable. The first model of the oven that was done was HUGE due to the fact that we thought we wanted to start off by baking at least 4 cakes at a time.



This is the dispenser dispensing icing for the first time into the icing cup. In this gif you can see the icing appearing on the spatula and with a single touch covering the entire cake in icing.




Getting frosting working was a little more tricky than the other mechanics. Kyle did the programming for it and I believe what we’re doing is a raycast from the tip of the frosting bag down to the frosting ring. There’s 20 pieces of frosting that can be “activated” once the raycast hits the collider. As you can see in the gif, it’s too precise and can be really annoying for the player. This is why you test your mechanics early. You need to find out early if something isn’t working how you thought it would, and what you can do to improve it.



Using the scooping cup, players are able to scoop up toppings and pour them onto their cake.





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