Creating the order board

The order board is what we use to display to the player the cakes they need to bake.

In Game Orderboard_1.png
First edition of the order board..with no actual board (Just visuals, not actually functional)

We knew that text in VR can be risky as it can be difficult to read. Knowing this risk made us aware that whatever we designed for the order board, had to be perfect. As you can see in the screenshot above, we started off with the text being as close to the player possible. This would ensure the readability was the best it could possibly be.


After working on the game more and continuing to design more and more systems, we realized this wasn’t going to work anymore. We felt that the player needed a logical reason for why they were baking these cakes. There wasn’t just some invisible cake lord who spoke to the player telling them to bake these cakes. So instead there would be customers that would come into your bakery and place orders. After they would place an order they would go stand under their order. This meant that we had to move the order board farther away from the player to give room for the customers.

In Game Orderboard 3.jpg
Orders up on an actual orderboad and functional

The screenshot above displays just how far we moved the order board away from the player. Even though the order board was farther now, the text in game is actually still crystal clear (thanks to Unity’s “Dynamic Pixels Per Unit” setting on the Canvas Scaler).

After getting the order board fully functional, we started playing around with different fonts. We initially were going for the aesthetics of looking at a recipe, but we felt that it didn’t suit the mood of the game as a whole that we were creating. You can see below the font we ended up choosing (so far)

In Game Orderboard 4.png
(Not representative of the players actual view of the order board)

It’s all still a work in progress so expect to see updates in the future about what we changed and why.


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