What is Batter Up!?

Batter Up! is a VR game for the HTC Vive where players can bake cakes, earn money by completing customers cake orders, and using the money earned to upgrade your bakery.

One of our areas of focus is creating a progression system that’s more than your typical level based / infinite wave type progression. We have designed a system where based on the amount of money you have made from baking and selling cakes to customers during the day, you are able to upgrade your appliances, tools, and the bakery itself.

In Batter Up! because there are no “levels”, the difficulty is tied to the items in the players bakery. The more upgraded your items, the more efficient they are. The more efficient the items are, the more customers are drawn to your bakery and order more elaborate cakes.

We will be updating this site regularly as we go through the development cycle with posts about our design processes, concepts, art, and the multitude of other things that go into making a great game.


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